Telluride Baseball Festival

2024  Instructors
Nations best coaches:

​To be announced!


JULY 22-25,2024

The 2024 Telluride Baseball Festival is excited to announce the Telluride Softball Camp!!! Girls ages 5-18 are invited to participate. Camp will take place in Telluride Town Park from July 22-25,2024.

What do you get when you combine:
1. The love of the diamond sports by a group of people from all over the country
2. The experience of teaching more than 30,000 young athletes in more than 30 states
3. An obsessed coach that has executed more than 40 objective studies on baseball and softball

4. A skilled engineer/craftsman that creates the highest of quality products made in the USA [softball]5. A few skilled leaders, motivators and teachers that will run the show
6. A passion for teaching a fact based skill development program that literally makes everyone better
7. A long term goal of getting quality information to millions of players, coaches and parents nation wide.
8. A love for traveling the country
9. A group of people that views the current state of the country as one that needs more opportunities for our youth

10. A frustrated consumer of inadequate instructional aids in the industry11. A company wide goal of raising awareness of what sport can do positively for all parties involved.
12. A very specific goal of raising Americas batting average by 100% points
13. Another specific goal of making quality coaching the norm rather than the exception.
14. And on and on and on….
The Krush Experience is an event created by Krush Athletics for baseball and softball players, parents and coaches. Think of it as a diamond sport festival with the core being quality instruction via a camp for the kids, a coaches clinic for the coaches and parents and a celebration of the games before, during and after the event!
Then a short welcoming for the parents which will include a little history of krush Athletics(so you understand how serious we take our job) and a description of what will go on throughout the camps and clinics.
The on field (or indoor facilty) instructional camp will then begin as we will feature our Fact Based Skill Development Program (which makes everyone better regardless of age or skill level). 
After several hors on instruction and active participation, we will end the on field portion with a few contests with prizes for the winners.
The bottomline is no matter if the athletes are high school all americans or picking up the sport for the first time, the Krush Experience is a day full of fun, instruction, use of quality products and an overall festival atmosphere… Quality, Uniqueness and Value are the terms that come to mind!